The organization includes senior corporate executives and professionals from a wide range of fields with several years of experience. The organisation has been actively working when a group of professionals, well settled in society, felt the need to look beyond the confines of their routine existence as the means to discharging their yearning for social and humanitarian causes.

Man becomes great exactly in the degree in which he works for the welfare of his fellow-men.

Trust Members

Shreesh Sarvagya, Chairman

He is a Vice President at Reliance Industries Limited, Nariman Point, Mumbai. He is a double Masters in Mass Communication Delhi University and from Johns Hopkins University, USA. He has been the editor of RILs fortnightly magazine Newsletter since 2002.

Dr Piyush Saxena, Secretary

Dr Saxena is a qualified naturopath, wellness counselor, activist, writer, film director, actor and magician. He holds a Ph.D. in Naturopathy (USA), MA in Modern History and B.Sc. in Physics, apart from a Masters degree in Reiki. He has also extensively delved into Past Life Regression (PLR) through hypnosis. He has authored three books; Cure Yourself (on Cleansing Therapy), Life of a Eunuch and Everything Men Know About Women. He works as a Senior Vice President (Corporate Affairs) with the Indias largest Corporate Reliance Industries Limited at Nariman Point Mumbai.

Chaitalee Parab, Treasurer

Though she is a treasurer of the organization, she carries out almost all the administrative work and coordination job related to the trust. She is an ardent follower of Cleansing Therapy and looks after the counselling side of this therapy. She is the front face of the organization who responds to all phone calls from all patients who raise queries after visiting our website.

Sagar Yadav, Trustee

A diploma holder in electronics engineering seeking a change from the routine, he followed the dictates of his heart and gravitated to Mass Media, which is considered to be a tool of change. Working as a health journalist, he discovered the fact that contrary to the common mans perception, modern medical practices are not as good as they are made to be. On the other hand, alternative healing techniques can be used as a tool to offload the pressure from our already sick health care system.

P Kannan, Trustee

He has been closely associated with Temple of Healing. He was suffering from chronic fatigue and liver cleanse did miracle to him and he was so impressed by this therapy that he volunteered himself for the promotion of the cause.

Our Mission

  • Provide platform to the alternative therapist worldwide and encourage them to share their knowledge and experiences with each other for the well-being of human kind
  • Provide free education and teaching materials through digital means/virtual classrooms to anyone interested in learning this therapy.
  • Give publicity for our healthcamps and public seminars at various leading institutions like hospitals, corporate offices etc.
  • Campaign to get more volunteers to help with our day to day operations
  • Create awareness about natural ways of curing yourself
  • Promote self-reliance in matters of personal health for everyone
  • Promote safe and easy home remedies for common ailments based on traditional therapies
  • Create publicity for our talk shows and documentaries on YouTube for the benefit of those who wish to try these therapies
  • Campaign to promote these therapies at the national ministry of health (Ayush) for wider adoption across the country