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अपना इलाज अपने हाथ

Cleansing Therapy is an alternative healing and cleansing technique propagated by Dr Piyush Saxena after years of research and successful trials. It is based on the concept of cleaning up the toxins from various parts of the body using completely natural and commonly found ingredients in our kitchens or in the neighbourhood shops.

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Do a Liver Cleanse - It will reduce your LDL cholesterol and you can stay free from heart attacks for at least 6 months after the cleanse!

Principles of Cleansing Therapy

The inspiration for the idea comes from three distinct, and yet perhaps complementary, situations.

  • One, with effective treatment of a large number of people for several years, common people as well as celebrities, these cleanses have proven their credibility and efficacy beyond doubt.
  • Two, this therapy uses ordinarily found and regularly used, and ironically often discarded material found in nature. This one aspect makes these cleanses useful (besides being safe and preventive in nature) to a large number of people.
  • Last, but not the least, it really pains the heart to see the not-so-fortunate ignorantly go through so much physical and financial difficulty to remain healthy when good health could just be around the corner!

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Our volunteers, co-ordinators and councellors are there to help you around the clock if you need help with the Liver Cleanse. To find a person in your area, click here

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